The Goodbye Inadequacy

20 Jun

Wow, where do I begin? It’s honestly difficult to capture my feelings in words right now. Does it make sense that I’m looking forward to returning home, yet sad to be leaving? The last few days have been filled with goodbyes to the people that have made this experience everything I expected it to be […]

The Essay Exemplification

18 Jun

The following is the essay I wrote as the final evaluation in my Aspects of Denmark class. My essay is about the workplace culture of Denmark and how it reflects the overall Danish mindset. I also make comparisons to the workplace culture of Canada. Influence of the Danish Mindset on Danish Workplace Culture with Comparisons […]

The Copenhagen Stop Motion Experiment

14 Jun

3 days. 3000 photos. 3 minutes of stop motion magic. I was in Copenhagen for a few days last week. I had vowed to return after my first visit back in February. This time, travelling alone, I was able to see everything I saw last time, plus everything I had missed. Even though temperatures were […]

The Krakow Solarization

24 May

Krakow may not be your first choice as a travel destination. Located in the south of Poland, it can easily be overlooked in favour of more prominent European cities. However, as I discovered recently, Krakow is a beautiful city with much to offer. I spent five days in Krakow during the last week of April. […]

The Hundredth Day Extrapolation

2 May

This past Sunday, the 29th of April, marked 100 days since I left Canada and began my semester abroad in Denmark. These hundred days have been a complete whirlwind of experience. I have been immersed into Danish society and have learned to navigate its language, culture, and customs. I have made new friends from every […]

The Munich Meanderings

25 Apr

Aarhus to Munich. 11 hours by train. No problem. After visiting Berlin back in February, there were two travel days left on my Eurail pass for Denmark-Germany. The group of us had decided then to use the remaining days to visit Munich. We made the long journey this past weekend, just before our passes expired. […]

Video Blog 3: Amsterdam

18 Apr

Video Blog 3: Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Inoculation, Day 3

18 Apr

If there is one thing more iconic of Dutch culture than tulips, it would be windmills. Not the modern wind turbines that generate electricity, but true wind mills. Once upon a time, the Dutch countryside was dotted with thousands of wind mills, used for milling everything from spices to timber. Today, only a few remain […]

The Amsterdam Inoculation, Day 2

15 Apr

There may be many things that the Dutch are known for, but one that always comes to mind is tulips. Though tulips are now found all over the world, the flower was popularized in the Netherlands in the 17th century. And for just a couple months every Spring, the Keukenhof gardens near Amsterdam are a […]

The Amsterdam Inoculation, Day 1

14 Apr

I am taking another European city break this weekend. My destination is the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. I know it has hardly been a week since Easter Break, but now that two of my courses have finished lectures, I only have class on Wednesdays—can you say 6-day long weekend? I arrived in Amsterdam on Friday […]