Takeapart Tuesday: Year-over-Year Change in Google Data Studio

In her recent article for Forbes, Eva Murray writes about How to use simple visual designs to communicate data. She describes how simplicity in design helps make data visualization clearer and easier to understand. One of the examples she showcases is my The World’s Top Exporters of Medicine viz from Makeover Monday Week 8, 2018. Inspired by Eva’s post and my viz, Charlie […]

Designing a Better Tile Map of the United States

Tile maps. A favourite among data viz practitioners and enthusiasts for visualizing geographic data. By representing each region at an equal size, a tile map eliminates the visual bias created by differences in physical area. Maps of the United States are particularly prone to this bias. On a traditional map, Texas and California are much […]

Creating Jitter Plots in Google Data Studio

Jitter plots (or strip plots) are a method for better visualizing the distribution of a set of data. When plotting a large number of data points, overlapping marks can often be a problem. By introducing a small amount of random noise into the data, a jitter plot slightly disperses the data points to make the […]

Makeover Monday with Google Data Studio

Makeover Monday is a social data visualization project that started within the Tableau community. Over the past 2 years, I have participated in many of the weekly challenges to rework a given chart and dataset. Although I’ve been inactive for several months, I’m taking the new year as an opportunity to get back into completing […]

Data for a Cause: Marine Conservation

I recently participated in my first Data for a Cause challenge. In case you haven’t heard of it before, Data for a Cause is an initiative that connects data visualization professionals with non-profit organizations to help bring attention to social and environmental issues. Each challenge is focused on a specific theme—such as global hunger, public […]